What past participants have said about the choral workshops…

‘This week has been such a pleasure for all of us. Thank you for not only mobilising the French community but for allowing us to meet each other and make music. We are so grateful for everything you have done to make this week special for us.’

‘Thank you for organising this amazing experience for us all. I have enjoyed it immensely.’

‘As well as experiencing singing with experienced singers, I have had my musical taste broadened.’

‘I believe that the course has completely fulfilled its aims. I’d never sung any Langlais or Roth before, and the conductor and organist were brilliant.’

‘The course quite exceeded expectations, particularly the quality of the teaching. This greatly ‘enabled’ musicianship.’

“This has been one of the most enjoyable and formative weeks of my life”. (Choral scholar)

‘C’est une expérience positive malgré ces chants inconnus pour moi.’

Choral Course 2009

‘Il faut continuer ce stage. Félicitations! Vivement l’année prochaine!’

‘Nous ne nous attendions pas à tant de qualité, de convivialité, d’humanité, de rencontres, donc ce stage est au-delà de nos attentes.’

‘Merci beaucoup pour tout. Nous avons été merveilleusement accueillis, avec beaucoup de petites attentions qui ont rendu ces cinq jours inoubliables.’

‘The workshop is exceptionally well planned and organized. The bringing together of a choir of people who have not sung together before and shape them into concert standard after five days is a remarkable achievement, and hugely rewarding.’

‘It was great speaking with the French choir members. They were very tolerant of my schoolgirl French!’

‘The workshop has exceeded my expectations and given me the confidence to sing at a level I didn’t think I was capable of. I have really appreciated Malcolm’s direction and the different strategies, patiently employed, to get what he wanted from us.’

Choral Course 2006

‘The soirée musicale was brilliant and must be retained, but possibly not held the night before a concert. We all entered into it with too much enthusiasm!’

‘I have never had such an enjoyable and intense learning experience, in spite of some truly challenging and Sword of Damocles moments!’

‘I have learnt more in a week, choral-wise, than since I was at school.’

‘This is now a world event : Hong Kong, Morocco and Scotland all present!’

‘The addition of voice training with Hilary was an excellent innovation. She certainly added an extra dimension. I have reached notes never even attempted before!’

‘I didn’t know what a vocal coach was but I found Hilary’s input invaluable.  She obviously cares very much how each individual develops.’

Soiree Musicale

‘I think I had forgotten quite how wonderful Malcolm is. His gentle manner and patience are unbelievable. Exactly the right balance between challenge and support. Never an unkind word. I would pretty much go anywhere to sing ‘sous la baguette de Malcolm Archer’!’

“Having the chance to sing at the Abbaye aux Hommes in Caen a few metres from the tomb of William the Conqueror was the experience of a life-time”.

‘I want to thank you for what was a marvellous week of music making with such a friendly group of people. I think that you have started something really special with the Langlais Festival and I do hope that it continues to flourish.’

For a further report of the choral week, please see where one singer decribes his experiences.