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The house started life as a nobleman’s house in the 17th century. It provides ideal facilities for courses accommodating groups of up to 40 people or small ensembles in a large rehearsal room and break-out rooms such as the salon and the summer lounge, which can be used for small group work, discussions or as quiet spaces.

La Fontenelle

Situated 48 km from Rennes, 51 km from Saint-Malo, 29 km from Fougères and 12 km from Pontorson, the village of La Fontenelle is part of the canton of Antrain in the administrative district of Fougères , département (county) of Ille-et-Vilaine. There are 528 inhabitants, of whom 514 live in the actual village.

La Fontenelle comes from the Latin ‘fontanella’, meaning a little fountain. There are references to it as a parish in the 6th century. Indeed, a church was given by King Childebert I to Saint Samson, Bishop of Dol, around 553. Today, the Saint-Samson fountain can be found near the Vieux Presbytère (the old presbytery). According to tradition, its water has miraculous healing powers. The Saint-Samson church, a building which replaced a much earlier religious structure, dates from the 16th century.

At the time of the birth of Jean Langlais in 1907, there were 900 inhabitants in la Fontenelle, living in a Brittany that was ravaged by famine and epidemics. Since time immemorial, they worked as stone-cutters (like Jean Langlais’ father) or as farmers. La Fontenelle was a traditional small rural village, with its dark granite houses and slate-grey roofs; in appearance it has hardly changed since.

Other Attractions

For those including the workshops as part of a longer holiday and for non-participating partners and families, La Fontenelle is within easy reach of a wide variety of tourist and activity centres, for example:

  • The Mont Saint Michel
  • Castles at Combourg, Fougères, Vitré and Dinan
  • Cathedrals at Dol-de-Bretagne, Rennes and Saint Malo
  • Walks in the Forest of Villecartier, where there is also an activity centre for children, including boating and an assault course
  • The beach and wind yachting at Cherrueix
  • The beach and shops at Dinard
  • The walled town of Saint Malo
  • Street markets in all the major towns
  • The gardens of the Château de la Ballue and the Château de Bonnefontaine
  • The Village des Artistes at Bazouges-la-Pérouse
  • Boat trips up the River Rance to Dinan

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